Bone Strait, Nuri Strikes Again!

15 07 2007

ibp_0028b_web.jpg photo

Dear Diary, Here’s a Riddle: It hangs, it swings and doesn’t hold Smoke! What?

Answer: My Bone Strait hair.

Oh Diary Nuri at Santo Domingo Beauty Salon, 3310 W. Armitage Chicago, Illinois 60647 Telephone 773.645.1701, has rocked my mixed grade hair again.

I Love Love that woman!

Lately I’ve been under so much stress keeping the kids busy. On top of the obvious house work there has been tons of fruitless searches for my missing digital camera. I was hoping to find it and bring it along to the hair salon so that I could post pictures of Nuri doing my hair. So I put getting a relaxer on hold for 3 weeks. It was a hot mess.

In the meantime I wore my hair snatched back with a extra long ponytail. I braided the hair and played with the coils by pinning them up in numerous ways with flowers. It was glamorous to me but my customers at the bar kept barking for me to bring back out my real hair.

Sorry, to report the digital camera did not turn up. I’ve been robbed by a babysitter. It is all so upsetting. I’ll save that story for another post.

I’ll just try to describe how Nuri applied the relaxer without irritating me or my scalp.

Maybe I’ve been deprived and it won’t be all that surprising to you ladies but for me it was very new.

I prefer getting a very mild relaxer every 4-5 months. As a rule I normally put my relaxer in myself because I’ve had some terrible experiences. Now my hair is just too long to attempt such a thing at home alone.

Once I sit down in that salon chair, I’m a big baby. I’m whiny and afraid.

Even though this is about the third time Nuri has done my relaxer I still mentioned several times that I wanted a very mild relaxer. I said that I been scratching due to the weather. Truth is I scratch all the time, I pay my kids to scratch my head.

She is so patient with me.

Nuri just patted the chair for me to sit down.

She sectioned off my hair and started to apply the relaxer to the back portion. Halfway through the application, when I said that I could feel it getting warm, she rinsed out the back and shampooed it, only getting the back wet!

Once it was rinsed she continued to apply the relaxer to the front.


Tomorrow I am going to hand the 35mm camera off to my sons. Nobody wants to steal that old work horse camera. I still have that to work with.
Hopefully, if I set up and focus the shot, they will be able to get a good picture of my 4 day old hair that still looks amazing.

The photo lab is closed on Sunday so it won’t be until Monday afternoon til I get the roll of film back. If you ladies would like quicker photos in the future please donate 2 dollars using paypal to



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