Generic Beauty, Preparing for Casting Calls- lesson 1

16 07 2007

As a photographer I already know not to dress in white for a film test. The casting director is looking for natural talent and they want to see the model’s beauty more than the outfit. White washes out all detail of body form.

Solid colors, not too bright are best. Choose mid-tones that compliment your complexion. For example, avocado, gray, blue for the top.

Our Sunday Casting call asked that I dress the family in friendly casual which meant that jeans were acceptable for the bottom.

During the daytime, I’m not that much of a makeup person. The casting director does not want to see make up anyway.

As makeup, I used only a bronzer on my face with a little shadow work around my eyes and mascara. No eyeliner. My eyebrows were teased and I kept it clean and natural by not filling in my brow with pencil.

All that arced, heavy brow stuff is find for the provocative go go girl but casual friendly means looking like a regular person.

At breakfast we all practiced our different favorite silly poses which was a fun way to stretch out your faces- great exercise for face muscles!

In some people’s mind this is real Show business when compared to shakin my booty for tips but it could get stressful if you quit your day job and had to rely on landing modeling gigs.

Some parents really get worked up in the world of modeling and become very competitive. After all, it does pay very well. Yesterday, the gig would pay 500. per kid and 1000 per adult.

That is a nice piece of change. Personally I’d rather go shake my own ass than to hammer my kid into being a perfect plastic kid for the camera. On the other hand, an occasional casting call can be exciting.

Going in front of the camera gives me an opportunity to explain the need for advertising and the business of consumerism to my children.

Children are targeted by cereal companies that don’t give a shit about their health. Way too much sugar is put into some of those productss to make it taste good to children.

My kids are not swayed by such gimmicks because they don’t think it is real just because a kid is saying: mmmmmmmm yummy.

My kids know that the person is a model and that they are being paid to smile.

In a perfect world I would like to choose what companies I modeled for. If I could, I would pick environmentally conscious companies.

I like being fresh all natural. The funny thing is that I know that I don’t look old enough to have a 16 year old because of the way that I take care of myself. So we may not get the gig that we went out for as a family because I don’t look aged enough.

People always raise their eyebrow when I say that I have a 16 year old. After ‘the look’ I feel like I must tell on myself and state my age otherwise I seem as if I started bumping when I was 10 years old and got knocked up.

This morning I saw a Saturn Hybrid vehicle advertisement that started out: Rethink Bling. Those are the sort of things I would like my face to promote. There probably not money in it though and unlike dancing, I don’t get to pick my customers.



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