Harry Potter Haters and Spoilers, This is for You!

22 07 2007

First let me say, I love sweet sissies, I love women and I love GOOD men but I don’t do well around Haters. It is one thing if you keep it petty among yourselves but leave the children out of it.

Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that is for Children. Let the children have their fairy tales. What pleasure is coming out of writing book and marketing them as the real book? Thwarting the purpose of the real books.

Is it money?

Apparently the fake book kills Harry Potter and children in real life are really upset by this. Children who read deserve to have their heroes kept alive to keep them reading.

Our children are already confused enough as to what is real and how to apply what they are fed to getting through life.

Is it attention? Is the idea to advert the attention given to J. K. Rowling who painstakingly wrote the Harry Potter series. The spoilers are taking a 15 minutes of fame crap shot? Too much time on their hands without any direction for their imagination and creativity. It must really suck to be you. Pick on someone your own size! Further more take on some adult topics. Try Blood diamonds for starters!

I make my living in the adult fantasy world. It turns my stomach to think of some of the possible sexual twists that are listed by these Harry Potter Haters and Spoilers. Why make Harry gay? Why can’t people play out their fantasies with their own adult characters?

I took my children to see Harry Potter on opening night. We got to Kerasota City North 14 early and got good seats. We sat with a very loud and excited crowd for a half hour before show time. With about 5 minutes of waiting to go, an usher walks over to me and says that there had been complaints about my crying baby.

My baby wasn’t crying she was comfortably sitting on my lap and cooing. The movie hadn’t started. EVERYBODY in the audience was chatting loudly with their neighbors. She was attempting to keep up with all the other people talking in the theater.

I’m a stripper and I spend most days coping with drunk horny men so I am never at a lost for words. I quickly pointed out to the usher that everybody in the theater was talking and promised that if my child did start to fuss once the movie started I would happily take her out of the theater. I’d sat on an end seat in order to make a smooth exit.

Because we don’t watch much television, my baby is extremely captivated by the big screen, music and movement.

We have been (without incident) catching all the new movies since her birth in December. My plan was to hook her up to my tit once Harry Potter started.

I did get loud enough with the usher so that the guy in front of me who was with his boyfriend could hear my every word.

When I said Everybody is talking, why can’t she talk? He nodded to his boyfriend as if to say, ‘oh I didn’t think of that!’

So I was clued in as to who had complained.

Once the movie was over, I went to the customer service desk and expressed how insulted I was to get reprimanded for having a crying baby without in deed having one. Turns out the baby liked Harry Potter. We never had to leave the theater at all. My baby fell asleep soon after the first scene and slept the entire time.

I did however move my seat into a low seating area which was about 4 rows away from the screen. The vibe from the guy who complained was uncomfortable. I felt as if he was the type that called my type breeders.

The customer service agent was very nice and apologized for what happen. She handed me 3 passes to come back on the house to see another movie.

She said that ohhhh, I didn’t know that was you.

No, she does not read my blog but I’d visited her desk once before to assist a handicap couple who needed a taxi.

She remembered me because I did not leave her desk until she promised that she would let the two men know when their taxi arrived.

It bothered me to see the man who was probably legally blind to try to hail a cab on Western Ave. after dark. So I did something about it. I went to customer service.

Perhaps if people spent more time attempting to DO something to mend what is wrong and right in front of their faces, the world might be a warmer place.

I couldn’t count how many people passed this handicap pair as they poured from the theater doors. I seemed to be the only one who noticed their dilemma.

or the only one who cared.

So a person’s reputation can be established in a public forum without exchanging names. Strangers become familiar by showing up often in the same place, in person or by blogging. Words are powerful. Children are sensitive. If you don’t have anything constructive to offer, then sit back and listen-

you might just learn something



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22 07 2007

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