Obama Girl, Sexy Lip Singer and Dancer

23 07 2007

Obama Girl, moves her lips just right at the same time her hips switch timidly. I really believed that it was her voice coming out of her mouth until I saw the interview on Youtube from the people who wrote the song and sang it.

One of the writers sort of looks like a short haired nerdy version of Amber Lee Ettinger (Obama Girl).

Well Mika applauses this group for being so clever and talented.

It isn’t easy to find a model with th entire package like Amber.

After reviewing Amberleeonline.com, Mika has decided that Miss Thang is the entire package. Her categories are very well organized and the pictures look great. I don’t always print like that!

boo hoo. I suggest that Ladies of the Showgirl school check out Amber’s gallery for pose pointers.

I would not know how to act.

The moral of this post is take classes ladies or practice in front of a mirror. Skills like lip singing can be very useful and may enhance cross over ability.

Notice that Amber skill card asks not to be contacted for nudity, bondage etc.


She has a long enough skill list so that she can keep working without offering that. Let this lady be an inspiration to all of us to study all the elements of our business.

As far as dance goes, moves that were once only seen in strip bars are now getting worked into everything.

It is like some type of movement into the erotic. Guys can see us every where without shame.

So ladies you must find skills that are either related to what is expect of models, keep your head shots updated and list yourself with an legitimate agency.

If you don’t have experience list yourself with an agent that seeks Real People. Get some head shots done.

So many ladies get into the business of stripper dancing and say that it will only be for a year. One year turns into two, two turns into three.

Keep it fresh ladies. Keep yourself marketable. Stay off your backs. Education is powerful.



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