Smell like a Goddess

26 07 2007


Sweet Raspberries and Peaches taste heavenly when eaten off of a woman’s thigh. Play around with this wholesome recipe by Naughty Nurse Mika on your patio with your favorite guy.

All of the ingredients can be found at Whole Foods Market.

10 ounces of Vanilla Hemp Bliss Milk by Manitoba Harvest

3/4 cup of frozen raspberries (365 Brand)

8 ounces of frozen peaches (365 Brand)

1/3 cup of grade B maple syrup

Blend for 3 minutes in Blender or until peaches are overcome by exotic blush of raspberries and hemp milk, personally I would aim to get the color as close to my inner labia lips as possible.

let potion sit for about 5 minutes and blend until it is creamy

Serve in Crystal while it is cold, fresh and slow

Makes 3 servings, 2 to drink and one to pour someplace sexy!

You can always make more.

Hemp Bliss has a nutty flavor because hemp is nutty tasting but it is nut free. This product is lactose free, soy free, cholesterol free, gluten free and preservative free.

This is a vegan recipe. I’ve noticed that when I eat these sort of things my body gets complimented for smelling very attractive.

Men say I smell like I eat flowers. Try it Ladies.

Unfortunately the results take time. You don’t come up roses over night. Seek help from a dietitian to help you achieve the best menu plan for your particular body type.

Until then, keep reading and be on the look out for more recipes from Naughty Nurse Mika!

Pour on my Smoothies all Summer. Please Please Tip me under donations if you and your love enjoy the new beverage.

Men prefer women that taste and smell healthy and natural from the inside more than those who zap themselves with spray to cover up BO.



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31 07 2007
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