From my lips to your ears, a note from the editor

31 07 2007


ahhhhhhhh it is mid summer I have dreamed up some very fun and exciting outings and adventures but I need your feedback and donations to complete the projects.

For example, I heard of a new fitness club that is right up the Showgirls alley… uhh that’s sounds bad but I do believe that it would be greeaaat for your waistline. I need to check the joint out before I send you ladies over.

Sounds simple enough but taking classes means not popping into Bobby’s Bar at Show time. It is just a lot of bouncing around and the bills must be paid, the rescued dogs must be fed and the girl baby must be left with a responsible sitter.

I love writing for this Mika’s Showgirl School. It is my last ditch effort to end up a decent old woman. In the beginning my idea was to provide some guidance to young women starting out in the industry- but it has come to my attention that my readers are coming from all walks of life. Please leave me comments. I want to know who you are and why you are loyal readers!

I read every single comment and I thank you all who have sent comments from the core of my heart.

The Around the Coyote Festival is right the corner in September. I joined as a member this year instead of attempting to show my work in a booth.

Set up and break down of a booth is too demanding- I am still nursing the girl. However I would like to paint a new painting to put on my Around the Coyote members page. This demands even more time and funds. Please help me keep this school going. My vision is huge as to what can be done with a platform like this.

Please donate 2, 5, or $20 dollars through my pay pal which is a button in the upper left corner of Mika’s Showgirl School home page. So far I have only received donations from people that I know. Readers are probably thinking that everyone else is tipping Mika but the truth is that no one is… but I am still writing and it is so difficult on a shoe string budget.

If you would like a token of my affection instead of paypal go to my fan club site at and pick up something nice to remember the Summer of 2007 with Mika online.

I have tons more to tell you, please donate and send your comments.

Thank You, Chiara Young aka. Mystery Mika



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6 08 2007
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25 08 2007
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