Dirty Eggs and Corruption

3 08 2007

This morning I made my son a special breakfast to celebrate the blessing that none of his Minneapolis based relatives were bloating in the Mississippi River.

Our regards to those who may not have been so lucky.

As I attempted to answer his questions on how something like this could have happened if the inspections showed that it was Deficient.

I decided to show him instead with this dirty egg recipe.

3 cloves of organic garlic

1 can of black beans

1 sliced banana

2 free ranged eggs

3 screwers of basil and pesto soaked shrimp

heat 2 tablespoons of butter in cast iron skillet

add minced garlic cloves until brown

lay shrimp in pan, grill for about 2 minutes on each side

remove shrimp put to side, leave garlic in skillet, add scrambled eggs and sliced banana

cook on medium heat until DIRTY

add beans to eggs

Serve Dirty Eggs and beans with Shrimp on a bed of fresh greens

People everywhere are too trusting of things getting done right. Everyone is too busy to check in to see what is being done correctly. Rhetoric fills the airways on important issues. Big broad terms are used that normal folks don’t understand. We hope that our officials are taking care of us.

Votes are given based on Religion and opinions of Sex. At election time they always go after the prostitutes.

Paper trails are lost when it comes down to responsibilities. Common folk just end up in the river because we are powerless when in comes down to these big problems.

How many times did the inspectors family members use that 35 west bridge?

Deficient? Baby, I said go the other way… turn the other cheek. Cross that bridge when we get there.

Where are we going America, with friends like this who needs to worry about terrorists?



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