Mika’s Last Day before researching ‘The Secret’

7 08 2007

Dear Loyal Readers,

Today begins my journey into The Secret. I will share my experience by making journal entries as I unfold The Secret.

Youtube has some fun to watch, somewhat comic videos about The Secret.

The law of attraction works. Listen, I love to laugh. I love dragon lure. I can see the manifestation of my thoughts very clearly after listening to the Secret People explain The Secret.

Check this out… My mechanic’s name is Dragen. He has brought my car back from being totaled several times at a reasonable price. He cracks perfectly timely jokes about what odd things that have sent me to his shop- praying for a miraculous, fix it job.

Dragan made me laugh until I cried when my battery in the trunk caught on fire, then he fixed it.

I’ve been using The Secret in regards to thrift market shopping for years and didn’t know a thing about the Secret.

For example, I’ve working on my daughter’s room. The theme is everything Princess. I have been window shopping at places like The Pottery Barn Kids for ideas on colors combinations and twists on retro toys and furniture. After looking in the windows of the fancy stores, I hit my favorite thrift store for bargains.

Yesterday I found six Snow White Dwarfs in near perfect condition. Each dwarf was $1.91!

Piece by piece on a beer budget, the Nostalgic Princess Room that I imagine is coming together.

I can’t wait to learn The Secret!

I deeply appreciate your time taken for reading the articles. It is fun and exciting watching the hits increase and opening my comments.

Mika’s Showgirl School would also like to welcome new guests who have just joined in.

We look forward to entertaining you!

Well let the adventure INTo The Secret Begin.

Kisses, Have a lovely day.



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