Working up a Black Sweat because Sweating is Good!

7 08 2007

It is hot in Chicago. Many people complain and dodge the heat by running their air conditioner all night and day. I don’t own an air conditioner.

Personally I like to work up a sweat. It feels good and once you get into drinking the proper fluids- sweat smells good even between your legs and under your armpits.

Aside from that, sweating done right is just plain sexy. Couples sweat when they are doing it. If you aren’t sweating then you are faking it or not doing IT right. I do it all summer and consider myself having a spa in my own house and not running the air helps the environment.

here’s my tools for working up a black sweat: You must be naked in the house, sunlight pouring in, fan on, windows open,

Dry brushing with a Loofah or Body Brush as you read my blogs or do house work

Make a cool bath to Dip yourself in with Lavender and Natural Sea Salt. Leave it sit in the bathtub to dip in and out of throughout the day

Ice, Lemon, fresh organic ginger, a pinch of cayenne pepper, filtered water makes an excellent home made ginger beer. Stay hydrated with the juice of 10 lemons per gallon jug of filtered water. Novices may add honey or raw sugar to taste

Sip and share this special brew throughout the day.

Enjoy sweating out the impurities, dry brushing gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin ahhhhhhhhh so smooth

Invite your favorite hot body friends to come over to your place and sweat with you, dip with you and brush you…

Brush in slow round circles… the world goes around naturally. Summer is a time for working up a Black sweat!



One response

7 08 2007

a loofa works well also. I agree, sweating is good for you, especially with someone to help you.
I also like the air on, but
I can apprieciate a very good sweat. It can be very invigorating.

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