The Pleasure of Girlie Men

9 08 2007

Everyone can think of something better to do than the busy work that goes into housekeeping. The chores such as laundry, mopping, cooking and organizing seem like a punishment. These are the type of things that we all fantasize that if we had the luxury, we would pay someone else to do the dirty work.

Girlie Men put their muscle into helping their lovers out. This time I’m referring to the type of guy that you can trust to hand wash your lingerie properly and willingly. None of that half ass crap. Most often, this kind of man was raised by their mothers or grew up with a few older sisters. Girlie men have been listening to women talk since they could walk. Now they have the insight to a woman’s heart.

What women want most out of a man aside being a good provider is a patient man that cooks well and cleans fast and throughly.

All grown up, a Girlie man’s actions speak louder than words.

No woman wants the honeymoon to over when the babies start arriving. The extra work involved often separates the sexes.

Hopefully things are changing as far as the younger men are concerned.

Those old lines about woman work and women are built for child rearing just don’t make women wet anymore. I doubt if it ever did. Women just worked and accepted all of the burden.

Thank God fore men that are kind, fair, and honorable. Thank God for men learn to communicate. Women like men who try to be understanding, gentle, thoughtful, helpful…

well I need to wrap it up

I’ll be at Bobby’s tonight in retro lingerie this evening

My favorite comment last night came from a guy who was a teacher, he said:

‘ I didn’t know that capris came in fishnet!’

ahhh those cotton candy pink fishnets work well stretched over my booty.

see you there



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