Empty Mind- The Secret week 1 in review

11 08 2007

With Little thoughts come great responsibility.

Those are my exact words not from the book. I will press on but with an empty mind. I’m almost afraid to think anything at this point. So this past week I have been doing an exercise that was taught to me in Performance Class.

We were taught to concentrate on a white wall until our minds were blank. The object was not to let any images or ideas enter the emptiness. Before doing much thinking I will conquer emptiness.

The Secret has frightened me because the idea that I have the power to attract whatever I need to me seems also to have an adverse side effect. If you think of bad things, they happen too.

For example my digital camera getting stolen by that crack head. I was suspicious of her and her crackish lookingness and I worried about it all the time until she finally clipped me.

This is where I get mixed up. Often when I am planning my day, I think about how each decision could play out in the real world. Now I catch myself worried that I’ve thought to long on something I chose not to do because it wasn’t the best way. Now I’m figuring that how bad outcomes sneak into my brilliant plans. Needless to say, I am patrolling my thoughts around white spaces to the point of becoming paranoid.

Go ahead laugh at me. Remember to tip if I make you laugh real good.

According to the book thoughts are magnetic, your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about the most will appear in your life. Thoughts become things so says the Secret. We shall see.



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