Heat on the Kitchen

12 08 2007

‘Anonymous’ wants to know in regards to the Dominican Hair Salon if it is too much heat used and if it will break off the hair….

Personally I only get my hair washed every 3-4 weeks. Many my find this shocking but it is just how I was raised. I only get a relaxer put in 2-3 times a year. I don’t mind if my kitchen gets a little curly in between washings or relaxers.

I also take daily vitamins and drink 10 glasses of water a day.

Look I’m not a Hair Scientist but from my observation throughout the years, women who relax, color and apply heat on a regular basis tend to break off their hair.

When my hair is fresh from washing and I have it in a bone strait style I wear a wrap to bed tied with a scarf.

Somewhere around 2 1/2 weeks- I get lazy and my hair gets more body (depending on humidity) and no longer looks bone strait. I don’t run off and get it done again.

I may curl it myself into a flip using a oil sheen or a dab of olive oil. From that point I will pin each ringlet up at night with a separate bobby pin and sleep with a silk scarf or bonnet.

Afterwards the style is changed to a fuller look with a flip at the ends.

I would show you a picture if you guys would tip your Virtual House Mom (me) every once in a while… I’d be able to get a new digital camera!

Anyway, I don’t let people run their dirty fingers in my hair or otherwise play with my hair. I don’t play with it either. As a matter of fact- I barely comb it or touch it.

I do it once a day or before I go to work- otherwise it is tied up.

When I do touch my hair, it is mostly to stimulate my scalp.

In my opinion diet and how often you are getting your hair done has a lot to do with whether or not heat will break off your hair.



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