Ms. Erotic World

12 08 2007

As I flip through dusty source material I wonder about porn. My attention is to entertain my viewer by capturing an alluring moment. The model has sex appeal but I don’t rely on a direct translation of that to build a painting.

Right now I am talking myself into getting started on the next portrait. It is 3 am -not really a great time to start anything but that is the way Art is. It happens on it’s own time. The artist is only a transmitter.

As far as this new work I plan to reveal the souls of my models.

first I will paint Sammie and then Scarlet and then Jade

funny the more determined I have gotten to paint Sammie- the less I talk to her. She’s shy and she can feel it when I stare. I’ve taken tons of photographs of her so I don’t know what more I expect to learn by watching her play pool.

Arty Things that I will be thinking about as I paint:

Line, pressure, color, background

I think I just may do a enee mini meny mo a pick a Toulouse- Lautrec painting and used similar colors from there

well here goes nothing

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the collectors and reviewers visiting via Around the Coyote Arts Festival

Have a pleasant trip in my Erotic World.



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