Lips and the HOT Kiss

17 08 2007


Lips are the ultimate intimate entrance. There’s nothing I hate worse than kissing someone that I don’t know! It is one thing to watch a woman dance but kissing is way way over the line. Just the thought of swapping spit with stranger makes me sick.

Snow White started it and Hollywood sealed the the deal. Somehow they get away with it not being seen as prostitution- even though they get paid to make out with their co stars. But, let one of us try it- Dick Tracey would be slapping the Chanel bracelets on our fishnet ass so quick.

I think about kissin people that I have the real hots for. Perhaps this is why guys at bars try to sneak a kiss in whenever you drop your guard. It is as if they are checking to see if you are only after their money!

‘if she let’s me kiss her, she really likes me!’


If she kisses you, she kisses everybody!


Here’s a news flash… Most times the HOTS are a built up of passion. Passion takes time. Slow down Partner. Men expect that if they wag enough money in your face, they don’t need to go to the dentist, drink water or brush their teeth.

Maybe some thirsty desperate ladies don’t mind- especially if they got crap stuck in their teeth too- Together you can make a crusty cake.

Even Ugly Betty brushes.

How about Ugly Bob? No, he’s just rich!

Nasty is still nasty. Love is still love. If you really want a woman to like you, you need to present yourself as best as you can. The bottom line is that you need to be sweet and positive and generous. If you think a girl is taking advantage of you- stop dancing with her! Don’t stop being the best you!

Perhaps I’m just screwed up and should stick to painting lips and imagining steamy kisses when I turn the vibrator on. I hate the fact that nobody feels the need to take their time anymore.

How many housewives miss loving kisses?

Did it seem like he kissed you better before you had kids and you needed him to give up something?

Did he bring home flowers everyday when you were his girlfriend?

Well I am going to paint some satisfied lips. These are the lips of before… before he got you figured out!

I would like to make every pair that I paint different.

The photograph series that I am painting from is about 2 1/2 years old. It is time to ask the same ladies to sit for another round. Some of the ladies have changed, others have stayed pretty much the same.

As time passes women usually define their style and learn to apply make up better. I am so excited to have held on to my muses for so long and to have the divine opportunity to capture different time periods of the same person’s career. It is like watching a garden grow.

If the photo is taken inside the dressing room, most likely I’ve caught the young lady before she has started working and without complete stage make up.

During Monday night’s painting session my memory was at war over the lips. The photographed image that I was working from showed me a different set of lips than I recalled my vixen possessing.

Her dressing room smile is different than the coy Mona Lisa one she sports around the the pool table. She paints on her lips for each show. I’d forgotten what was real until the photograph reminded me.

Well I ended up painting combination. As much as I tried I wasn’t satisfied with what was on the photo. I will do more studies of her – until I exhaust her every angle her every gesture.

While I am at work at the bar, I study the features of my models. I am tolerated because in that atmosphere we as women are allowed to ‘friendly stare’ at each other. Smiles and kisses on the cheek go a long way to display affection- unlike the catty real world.

I promise to paint exactly what is on the photograph- one day. For now I have excused myself from reality because in order for my work to parallel Henri Toulouse- Lautrec- I need to think of my paintings as marque posters.

Ha! Imagine opening up the Gentlemen Pages or the Reader and seeing one of my paintings as the ad.

Not much time for writing these days if I am to get these 10 paintings finished before Around the Coyote begins. Expect the articles to be short and sweet until October.



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