Red Almost Raw

17 08 2007

The white cotton sheet is tangled around your ankles in my boudoir

Unforgiving sultry morning sunlight is fused through shabby chic curtains

and all you want to know is…

What’s for breakfast!

This is a quick recipe for those on the go and in transition.

Transition from the Standard American Diet of bacon, eggs, pancakes, milk, coffee, toast, you get the picture all the ‘good stuff’ to a greener, brighter and lighter you.

All the ingredients may be found at Whole Foods Market.

It is faster if you prep all the ingredients first (that means dice and slice, putting each ingredient in a nice pretty pile on your wooden cutting board or on a saucer)

1/2 red onion- diced

1 red pepper – diced- sweet enough to be eaten raw by beginners

1 cup of red cabbage- finely chopped- use it raw
1 cup of red chard – finely chopped

1 cup of dinosaur kale

25 oz. can of Westbrae Organic Vegetarian Kidney Beans

2 cloves of fresh organic garlic

1 small shallot

1/2 cup of cilantro

the juice of 1 lemon

empty the can of beans into a large skillet and simmer, with a little safflower oil. Taste each raw ingredient. Everything you can’t stand raw, go ahead and toss it into the skillet for only 3-5 minutes!

Don’t let your chard and kale lose color. You want to eat these things as raw as possible- they should be a bright green and still crunchy

In a large bowl pour all ingredients, mix in the cilantro , garlic, red onion and lemon juice in with the raws salt and red pepper to taste

Fills up but not out when served with a small side of baked Crinkle Cut 365 Brand French Fries. Use the Kidney bean almost raw medley to fill organic yellow corn taco shells.

Isn’t that pretty! I know it isn’t what your dirty little mind was thinking when I said red almost raw.

Think of it this way… if your ass doesn’t stink, you will more likely find someone to kiss it.

Ahhhhhhhh. This has been another public service announcement from Naughty Nurse Mika.



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