Strawberri Super Starr

20 08 2007


My obsession with hot Asian women started in High School and peaked on the streets of San Francisco. Tonight I am going to begin my painting based on my first Asian heart throb, Strawberri Superstarr.

This little sexy cartoon chick (thumbnail) was done with the assistance of my Graphic Guru. He attempted to convince me that drawing on the computer could be faster than painting with oil sticks and linseed oil. Talk about a pain in the ass!

When painting, time escapes me. My subject is getting into all types of trouble in my dirty mind. I love stretching the personality of my muse over canvas. Tonight this line babe will find new life on a 16×20 primed cloth.

The odd pink color has to go! I must stay strict with my palette- every painting must tie in with Toulouse- Lautrec.

Love you all!



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