Asian Hand Fetish

23 08 2007

It was a stormy night in Chicago. The thunder required patience. My dogs were already freaking out- so I decided sit down at my easel with Strawberri Super Starr.

Usually I am guilty of just gesturing my hands because I am too lazy to struggle with bringing the digits to life- so to speak. Some things such as a woman’s hands are meant to be petite and delicate.

One of the reasons I work in oil sticks with turpenoid is that mistakes lift off. The canvas does not get muddy or torn up.

Last night I used everything to swab paint the smallest fingers with detail that I had in the studio. The morning light fell on cotton balls, paper towel spit balls and Q tips all over the floor.

The storm had to be a waited out so I just kept at trying to make a sexy Asian hand that wasn’t too cartoonish for Strawberri Super Starr to rest on her right thigh.

Slender joints are sexy on a woman. Man hands on a woman would ruin a painting. As I continue to struggle with my weakness- I am reminded of the model that inspired Strawberri:

Kim is American Vietnamese. A tar war baby- fathered by a Black soldier and given up for adoption by her Vietnamese birth mother. She came to America as a newborn. As a mature woman, her tiny hands are a stark contrast to her gripping personality.



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