By Candle Light

26 08 2007

Wax Dolls are for fantasy. Who could you find to melt your pain away during the black out? The summer storm bent over Oaks and snapped off branches sending them sailing down the boulevard. After the gray cloud emptied it’s salty stomach and the wind blew Mother Nature’s angry breath, my electricity was dis-configured for 3 days.

As a result to the Storm of 2007, the Strawberri Superstarr painting I’d just begun was changed to Wax Doll.

Will this cartoon marionette become the mascot for your daily wet dream? Determined not to brake stride because of bad weather- I kept sane by continuing to paint. I noted how easy it was for me to lapse into painting without the temptation of television and the computer.

My focus on the outer appearance of Kim dissolved as much as my modern conveniences.  I painted the inner Kim- instead of the outer Kim. Actually I think that Wax Doll is a portrait of Kim’s attempt to associate with a popular attainable Ideal Self.

It is one thing to look like a cartoon and another to look like a doll and yet another to become a Marionette.

For those of you just tuning in- Strawberri Super Starr is based on Kim, a black Vietnamese woman I ‘know’. She really paints her face before WORK to look like a Geisha doll which is very striking on a caramel face.

In the painting, Strawberri is posed the size of a doll on a book shelf with a tapered candle that has been blown out. She has taken on the characteristics of a burning candle. I have yet to decide what book titles to have her sitting over- I’m thinking the Bible, and Women In The Bible for two of the books.

Leave a comment for other book suggestions.
This a taboo chemistry. What books would make the strongest impact upon the viewer?

Is Strawberri Super Starr a spiritual land mine? Will the likes of her make you burst into flames? Will just a little taste send you on a downward spiral or will she just have what it takes to keep you warm until the power is restored.

Oh I am having a ball digging my stilettos into this one! Subject matter is the easy part- technically I have my lows.

During the blackout available light was a factor and I accidentally changed my palette because I was on a painting roll. Ozzy Osbourne’s I Don’t Want to Stop was running through my mind because there was nothing else to play it on.

By the time I figured out that I should label my oil sticks- the painting was finished and the electricity was restored.

The end result isn’t that bad, let’s just say that the painting looks better at night with a yellow candle light glow besides it. In fact, I think of all these paintings are great as Bar Art. Where else can you hang such Party Girls?

Well after coping with color without real light- I’m finished with color for a while. The next painting will only have 4 colors. Actually I’ve already started the Self portrait of me putting on eye liner. No more cartoons either. This self portrait is minimum and figurative.

Today I will try to take some of my paintings out to the park to photograph them to post-

just another something task to do!



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