Survivalist Girl and Freegan Woman Part 1

27 08 2007

There is nothing worse than getting caught with your pants down in the freezing rain. It took a 72 hour power outage for me to realize how dependent I have become on electricity and the modern appliances to keep my show on the road.

Before I had 3 kids, friends would tease me by calling me Survivalist Girl. Funny how as my chore list increased, I began embrace the easy way of completing those time consuming daily tasks. Slowly chipping away and casting out the most Green, Earth Friendly approach to fastest and easier way to just get it done.

Not only have I gone backwards in the Green respect but I have also stopped keeping all the emergency supplies around the house like I once did.

When I look in the mirror I am ashamed of what I have become: A lazy impatient consumer that knows better.

Secretly, I gave up what I considered a losing battle because there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all alone. Too many people to watch out for and convert.

16 years ago my eldest son’s father said I want to be with a woman who drinks, smokes and eats meat. We broke up.

Since Al Gore came out with The Inconvenient Truth there seems to be all types of special news segments spot lighting Holistic Moms and Freegans. You won’t find me dumpter diving any time soon- although I do respect these Freegans I prefer to shop at a Thrift store. I am too much of a germaphobe to eat out of a garbage can.

Apparently having common sense is becoming the Vogue and the new American way is to exercise control and respect for all species that we share the earth. Wow.

I on the other hand started raising children a long time ago, surrounded by people who asked me questions like : What do you do when you go to Church and the baby wants to breast feed?

Apparently enough women rebelled against the stupid idea that women should be ashamed of breast feeding.

Better yet, perhaps somebody in charge of Human Services crunched some numbers decided that the government could save money and resources by ‘allowing’ women to breast fed again. So now there’s this huge campaign against the promotion of bottle feeding and formula.

Women have to learn to let milk out when their babies cry all over again.

What really makes me mad is somehow God gets tangled into this web of politics. Some people frown upon the sight of a nipple just because men get turned on by titties. So if you feed your baby in public you are considered loose. Other women are embarrassed by the sight of a woman breast feeding.

Women need to use Mother Wit and start trusting their instincts more in reference to child rearing. As mothers we need to stop being so competitive about men and bound together taking a stronger stance as far as the welfare and well being of our children.

Stop trying to be in style as far as what your children need. Stop looking for a pill to get your children to read. Stop basing what medicines you take on a television commercial.Try doing what makes common sense- turn off the T.V.

We all know that we should keep emergency supplies in the house but how many of us actually do? How many of you hid your emergency supplies that you do have because you are afraid of being laughed at or being called crazy?

Perhaps we are all thinking well if there is a need for something- the store is right up the block and easy to pick up whatever…


Recently in Chicago about 600,000 people experienced power outages, neighborhood stores that were open quickly ran out of candles, batteries, flashlights etc. I had to drive to an area that had power to find a good selection of the necessities.

Things could have been worse. This could have happened in the dead of winter.

Some say that in the face of Global Warming the Storms are going to get worse and more frequent. Women who live alone with small children are very vulnerable and should keep ample emergency supplies at hand year round.

My Emergency List

1. Medium sized Ice Chest

2. At least one flash light per person

3. battery operated radio

4. small battery operated television

5. batteries for both

6. basic phone that plugs directly into phone jack

7. cell phone car charger that plugs into cigarette lighter.

8. 4 cigarette lighters and box of matches

9. 10 non scented candles best if self contained in jar

During the power outage, there was a strong police presence on the streets because complete darkness is an opportunity for madness and crime. Some people on my block operated fuel run generators to keep their refrigerators going.

I don’t own a generated so I sealed up my frozen food and drove a couple of miles to my baby sitter’s house. She kept it all in her freezer. I used an ice chest with 2 bags of ice to keep the rest of my cut veggies and opened hemp milk cold.

10. 1 months worth of Dog Food- if you have dogs
11. 10 cans of variety of beans- lentils, black and kidney

12. 10 cans of vegetables- beets and green peas ( I would stay away from canned corn because it is too hard to digest)

13. 2 weeks at least worth of drinking water

14. a working barbecue grill

15. charcoal and lighter fluid

16. pocket knife

17. First aid kit- hand sanitizer, latex free bandages, latex free sterile gloves, alcohol swabs, peroxide, medical tape, small scissors, cotton balls, allergy medicine, something for fever and topical infection ( we will do a more detailed first aid list with homeopathic remedies before winter)

18. Fire extinquisher

19. 50- 100 dollars in Petty cash. People had difficulty cashing checks and those who had food stamps were dismayed at the grocery check out to find that Link was down!

20. mace

Well this list could tie you over until the power is restored. Later we will go into depth as to what should be done first if you experience power outages. We need to understand everything in terms of what’s a Live Wire in case of flooding.

The more we know, the more we have at hand, the less panicked and safer our children we will be until help arrives.



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