Dominican Hair Salon in Chicago update

28 08 2007

Keep in mind Ladies looking for the bone strait look, if you have course hair you need to get a relaxer! My beauticians are beauticians not magicians!

I have a mild relaxer and mixed hair.

Don’t expect to get the same look that I have without getting a relaxer if your hair is course.

If the lady says you need a relaxer then throw down for a relaxer!



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14 01 2008
Telling You

You do NOT have to get a relaxer to get the same sleek look @ Dominican shops. The stylist has to know what they are doing if the client has natural hair.

NO person NEEDS a relaxer. Jump off the slave ship already.

15 01 2008

well well well.
I’m not a beautician – I’ve just been around to a few shops in New York and Chicago getting my hair done a whole lot. Perhaps a masterful pro hair dresser is out there with patience and lots of time to spend on course virgin hair.

I’m just informing you that my ladies would rather work with hair that isn’t resistant.

No one is trying to waste anyone’s time.
Personally I think the blow drying is a bit much on 2 inches of new growth.
Back in New York, as long as I went without a relaxer- I could only find one stylist who comb my head out without pulling too much.
As for the Slave Ship- I jumped and got eaten by a loser which happen to be a white man and who left me in order to play guitar hero. Now I have to raise the child alone which is why I wear bone strait hair in the first place
Now I do the whipping and biting with my swinging bones!
I’m telling you, people these days- you don’t even know who you’re talkin to in regards of being on a Slave Ship.
Mystery Mika is all about liberating all women from Sex Slavery and putting the woman in Charge of her inner sex appeal.
If you feel sexy wearing dread locks- get the best locks and lock up your money
If you want it strait then do it right-
Shave your head Bald if you can need to – just be yourself for who your soul needs to be at the time
But don’t ever say I’m aboard a Slave Ship.

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