Enter into my Domain, Cocktail Priestess

30 08 2007

My studio is a mess. Can I get a Sissy to clean it?


messy crowded counter


this looks more like this chick Lucy than me- the jaw is too wide- chin is goofy too!


Studio where it all happens

I’d rather be problem solving these paintings than twitching my butt-

The paintings are all awful and need about 20 hours each.

I hate them… uh feels like a fit coming on

Any bad little boys needing some punishment?

I just want to wash a Slave’s head in the toilet when a painting goes wrong.

As for the women of slaves. I can teach you a few new punishments to keep them loyal.

ahhh No! I’m getting frustrated with all the bouncing around and I think the tone will be changing. What is better than a front row seat in the Domain of a Dom?

Feeling the heat baby. The Heat on your Meat!

What will make it worse for ya?

Money. Money. Money. Mad money. More mad woman money

Make my day. Sissy SLut Slave.

Clean the floor. whisper blow a kiss with the whip

hot sensation

ain’t too proud to beg r you

Who’s sweating now?



One response

6 09 2007

Hey there!!! Well, I just happened to stumble upon this entry (p.s. I’m really enjoying your blogs) and if the service is still needed, I may know a sissy who can help clean up ^_^

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