Trapped in the Closet-Veteran Stripper Speaks

2 09 2007



R. Kelly is not the only artist putting a new spin on the daily grind.

September is here and Mika’s Online Showgirl School is back in session. Enough of that fluffy Summertime stuff- it’s time to make you sweat. I am turning up the heat.

This fall we will exploring:

In LOVE and Family

1. The Art of Hot Kissing, Falling in Love

For Strippers Sacrificing for their children, Mika will share the Home Schooling Survival Guide


2. Hamming it up for the Stage

3. Costume Adornment

4. The Successful Erotic Journal

For Our Health we will exam

5. Our Healthy Breast Goal

6. Slim and trim Kitchen Recipes

7. Flirty Girl Fitness, Chicago

8. Belly Dancing

9. Yoga

In Entertainment

10. Mystery Mika’s Dirty Shame Comic Opera

11. Dog Lore- A Dominatrix Thought Matrix

In Art

Making of Marque Posters- In the Spirit of my favorite Henri Toulouse Lautrec


Mika will continue to play Golf and Sail as long as the weather will allow. Pictures will be posted noting my progress

As always I look forward to serving you as your one and only American Virtual House Mom, please call 900- 787-6642 for private coaching. You must be 18 years of age or older. Calls are 2.99 per minute so have your questions ready.

Money is tight so I’ve decided to talk dirty on the 900 number.

Hey, I aim to please.

Make my day by donating to the School which is for profit, awareness, sanity and better Strippers. At the top of the page you can link to my paypal account. A little support goes a long way. If everyone who enjoys reading supports me with $2 a month- My quality of writing will improve. Perhaps I could add video and podcast. Help me serve you by commenting and donating.

You will remember me all night especially if you drink from one of my cups of Lust found in my fan shop at

Yall cum back now!

Oh, by the way I asked the photographer not to retouch the above photograph because Nothing is perfect in this world, including me.

Let’s open the closet doors ladies.

This Fall I invite you to work on who you are and become better entertainers through the journey.

In the end, you will make more money because being the best you will Give your audience more Bang for the buck.

Sincerely, The Creative Artist in Residence

Chiara Young of Sweet Home Chicago



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