Growing Blogs #77

4 09 2007

Yeah! Mika’s Showgirl School made the list as #77 in Growing Blogs!

Thank you all for reading. I am having so much fun researching and writing these articles. Blogging has changed my life. I can now say I love roses, jazz music, spoken word, all four seasons, California, New York, Minneapolis, Maya Angelo, Babies, cake, green beverages, raw food, dogs, reading, painting, trees, sexy underwear, a good nap and now I love Blogging!

Before I got this Blog thang going, I was just another skinny stripper with dreams as long as my legs. has made it possibleĀ  for me to sink my teeth into the Internet with all the beautiful and easy to navigate templates available here. The geeks working hard for this community really rock.

I wasted a bunch of money on building a website that never got finished before I found

Just for that, any time the geek squad is in Chicago, stop on in at Bobby’s Bar. I got a round of shows coming your way on me!

Holla back Yall!- Mika



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