The Miserable Shield

4 09 2007

The number one thing a new stripper chick needs in her bag of tricks is a Miserable Shield. Many of the male patrons arrive with their a poker face on. Don’t mistake this stiff upper lip as an insult because some men like to warm up and look around for awhile before choosing an entertainer to float their boat.

The idea is to remain calm and receptive as you mingle with the crowd. There’s nothing worse than a whinny stripper. If you sit with a sagging lip, you are almost guaranteed to make nothing.
Money is very tight these days. Gas prices are still high. Every body and their grannie is a wanna be stripper out here trying to hump up on some side cash. I never thought that I would see the day that the supply out weighs the demand. I thought stripping was taboo.

Now real nurses are doing it, bus drivers are doing it, cadets are doing it, housewives are doing it, landlords are even taking up the catwalk strut.

What ever you do don’t bite into negativity. I always smile and give a positive greeting. If a customer is not interested I go give another girl a hand massage.

It is a definite crowd pleaser.

Happy ladies enjoying each other company draws a big smile out of the most depressed man.



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