How to Use Mika’s Showgirl Blog

5 09 2007

It has come to my attention that my blog is a bit difficult to navigate. I want only to make cocks hard,  everything else should be soft and smooth.

The best way not to pop up already read articles/ posts/ information/ lessons on your screen is to scroll your mouse over the Calendar dates on the right sidebar.

You may go back to previous days by clicking on the previous dates. The titles that come up are the posts for that day. I never post anything twice. I double doubt if I repeat myself either.

There is plenty new material happening every day to keep my post fresh.

I do put the same information into different categories- so if you are trying to get around by sifting through my categories you may find the same article posted again and again.

There is probably a better way to add new post and keep things better organized, I just have not learned it yet. Sorry folks but this is a one woman operation!



One response

6 04 2008

Doncha mean cocks hard and smooth.

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