Jism Fact or Fiction

5 09 2007

While having lunch with one of my manly friends, I noticed a huge pile of pineapple chunks on his plate.

Every time he sunk his fork into the sweet, yellow meat, he winked at me.

I said: Gee, you never struck me as a fruity kid of guy.

The manly man sat up straight. His chest inflated as if he had just ducked into a phone booth. A broad smile spread across his face.

The manly man said: You know what they say about men who eat a lot of pineapple?

Mika’s Showgirl School Hint of the day:There comes a time when a smart woman allows a man to answer himself.

I batted my extended eyelashes and said:

No, I don’t know what they say but, the fact that you are about to tell me, makes my butt feel as though the wind has just gone up my skirt.

The manly man leaned back on his chair and with a twinkle in his eyes he announced: They say that pineapple makes a man’s stuuuuuff taste good!

Mystery Mika has never heard of any connection between jism and eating pineapple but this manly man that I had the pleasure of lunching with, swears by it.

What do you think loyal readers and those who swallow?

Fact or Fiction: Pineapple makes a man’s jism taste good.

Please comment loyal students!



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