Young, Black and Fabulous

5 09 2007

Fabulous Yes. Young, I can pass for 25. Black, that is what is on my birth certificate.

Recently I peeped in on Natasha’s YBF Blog because a concerned friend wants me to be making some cash from all the hard work that I am doing to create Mika’s Showgirl School.

Supposedly Natasha is raking in top dollar from her blog and mine is worthless in terms of dollars and cents.

Well, I’m not a Hater but after looking at the content on the YBF blog- I’ll just continue being a broke bitch because I feel as if there is enough celebrity trashy sites, newspapers, talk shows etc. out there.

Women need to become empowered by information.

I’m not against fun- that is why I post a dirty joke or naughty recipe or whatever from time to time but I want to have a blog with cool information.

Until people decide to donate through my paypal- I’ll just be operating on a wing and and a prayer.

Keep reading MysteryMika101 if you want to learn something!



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