Hot for the Teacher or I Break for Geeks

6 09 2007

About 2 years ago I stopped focusing on dirty talk at the club to get dances. One day it just hit me- these guys have money to burn. Instead of trying to get them to give me their money, why don’t I ask them detail questions on how they got their money so right. I decided to listen carefully and pick up some techniques to apply to my own life.

Men love to boast about how good they are at what they do. Even if they are reacting as if they as shy- they love the attention!

The Donald is a perfect example. It isn’t enough for him to have all the money in the world. He needs an hour of television each week to talk about it.

Yeah Donald Trump. I would rather spend an hour with a geek who isn’t so stuck up. Donald is way to loud.

Anyway back to the lesson…

Once a face is attached to an occupation, everything about the person becomes more familiar. Names become easier to remember. People like to be remembered.

Now I am addicted to interviewing men about their careers. Often they are very shocked that I give a damn. The reality show Beauty and the Geek has made it into a phenomena for brainy men to have access to playboy pinups. Whatever.

How often does this occur in real life- how true is it? I love men with brains!

Mika breaks for geeks.

I can’t even eat breakfast without scouring the room for a possible candidate to quiz. I haven’t fallen in love, but it is nice to make all different types of friends. Now I ask men tons of questions every chance I get- even when I am not working for tips. I working for knowledge.

Here is a little blurp between Mystery Mika and one of my favorite real life Sound Geeks, Elliot Dicks of Chicago.


Elliot is a one man sound engineering and rental company that he unofficially calls ElliotSound. He started freelancing and collecting sound gear in 1988.

Over tofu scramble and Billy Bragg playing through our waiter’s, Ipod… Elliot insists that he is a vegetarian more because he is a picky eater than because of politics.

This weekend ElliotSound is handling the Sound for three shows in Chicago.

1. Hideout Block Party, 2. AV- aerie, 3. Jackhammer

Mystery Mika asked Elliot Dicks who seems to be very busy doodling:

‘How do you keep it all straight?’


‘I draw diagrams for each show. I start where the sound starts- at the microphones. I count all the microphones, cables, stands and then to the mixing board, amplifiers and ending at the speakers. I count everything over again- making sure I have the right number.

The diagram is also a floor plan showing the guys helping me at the show where the outlets are. Everything needs to be plugged in.’

Next time, Elliot promises to shed some light on Gig Butt and Swamp Ass which apparently is a hot topic in Sound Chat rooms!



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