Ah, There You Are!

8 09 2007

There’s no business like Show Business because Show business is a little bit of everything.

Movies are Fairy-tales, Horrific Roller Coaster Rides, Fantasies, Cliff Hangers and Voyages to middle Earth. Each offers the viewer an escape into another place and company in their otherwise solitaire dreams.

Movie actresses need to steer their emotions into the lens of the camera as if their lives depend on it. An actor’s Stage Life relies on how well each role is pulled off. Hours, months and years of practice make an agile voice and trained body which can adapt to any character within a script. Body language helps to deliver who is written across the screen.

Audiences are non forgiving scholars of what feels real. If something unbelievable is happening on the flat screen, the viewer wants their common sense switched to be turned off on the actor’s command. A generous audience gives a movie about 15 minutes to grasp their full attention.

The same formula applies when working in a strip club as an entertainer but, you have less time. As a role playing stripper, you won’t be getting any mail from SAG. Show days worked will either be feast or famine. In this type of war, the best Oscar you can expect will be a Woody.

If you can get your mojo working early on in your shift you may be in for a god day of earning some tips.

Here are some Mystery Mika Strip Bar hints for working with punch.

Remember men can get a drink anywhere.

1. Dress in season. Dark colors and thigh high boots are for winter. Stripper styles don’t change much because fetish gear often runs on a slower loop. Don’t let that keep you looking like the 80’s. Unless you are willing to breathe fresh air into an old style it is dry and boring.

2. Apply your own creativity. The main idea behind being a exotic performer may be to show a little bit of skin. However you can become a bit more exciting if think of your body as a canvas. Try working in a little bit of own flavor and the current styles. Become a work of art by becoming a display of upcoming event, concert that you went to or your favorite flower. Choose a theme and let it rip:

On the streets of New York, the hottest craze last summer was slashing and tying t-shirts.

The style just made it into street gear closets of the Midwest. Practically anything done to make a t-shirt ‘Fun Sexy’ and unique can be done to a bikini fabric, stripper’s tube dress.

Get the razor blades and scissors out and have at it. Practice on an old t-shirt before cutting into a racy dress that you spent $70 on.

Here’s another book to get you on your way: Generation T: 108 ways to transform a t-shirt by Megan Nicolay.

3. Keep your chin up. Never walk around with your eyes on the floor. Eyes down don’t make you look sexy. If there is anyone watching you with malicious intentions- you look like the perfect prey!

In most cases the Predator has been hunting longer than you have been dancing. Don’t attract them by being stupid. Even for a seasoned dancer, they don’t make fun sparring partners. If someone makes you uncomfortable always alert the doorman and the bartender so that other people can keep an eye on him.

If a guy is up to no good. The last thing he wants is to be watched. Most likely he will leave after he realizes that he has been tagged as possible trouble.

An old quote says: there are two types of people in this world, people who walk into a room and say- ‘here I am’ and those who say ‘ah, there you are!’

Entertainers who want to be successful need to know how and when to do either on cue. Both are done with the EYES up!



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