Love Is

10 09 2007

Who says Strippers don’t know anything about love?

After polling 150 men last week, Naughty Nurse Mika found out the #1 reason married men go to strip bars is…

Drum roll please…

Men like to see an assortment of women. Gentlemen clubs have been hip to this fact for years. This is why clubs advertise 100 ladies at night.

Some clubs make up reasons to get everyone on stage at once such as, two for the price of one, ladies choice, Show time, Midnight, the list goes on. Any good reason will do to make a chorus of women go on parade across the stage.

Men get jolly with all the different pretties in a row. Men who have been saying ‘no thank’ all night- suddenly get the urge to get up and take a dance.

Tall. Thin. Belly Roll. Dwarf. Blond Bombshell. Blue hair. Eyebrow piercing. Small breast. Goth Chick. Thick. Body Builder. Celebrity look alikes. Moms… Men love it all. As long as the woman can strut her stuff with confidence. She will be in high demand.

So what do you want to hear from your partner if you don’t really can’t see any weight gain?

Mystery Mika advises you to say:

Honey, you are fat in all the right places!

This works best if you reach out and touch that part that you love the best.

Ladies, men like a confidence boost too! Men are pleased to hear this as well.

Love is knowing when to say what because you have been paying attention.



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