13 09 2007

Once upon a time, a old Chinese doctor that told his patients, ‘pay me when you get well, if your health doesn’t improve you don’t owe me anything.’

These days with the rising cost of malpractice insurance, there is more money in chasing ambulances than treating the people in them.

People love a good story. There’s no business that I know like Show Business.

Have you seen the latest commercial with The Donald? His punch line is: ‘why does everyone think they deserve their own show?’

Mystery Mika can answer that one for ya!

For so long we have been silenced. By we I mean the little folks, the average guy, the housewife, the less than educated.

After watching all the professionals have at it WE have decided that WE can do just as good or better.

Perhaps we are no longer satisfied by the news coverage. We want more. We are living proof that more is happening. We would like the complete, uncensored version.

We would like to see a little emotion behind the delivery of the news. It is too calm, cool and collected. Are we supposed to feel the same way as the reporter? How about all the news as it is happening instead of the same news all day long.

Who decides what get broadcast anyway?

I hear that some nursing school in Indiana lost most of their clinical sites because of undesirable people showing up at the work sites. Instead of finding new sites the school is just writing down that the students completed their clinic hours.

Honey Hush. If they say hell nawl, that ain’t happening get someone with a badge to make them open up their books. Ask for every single clinic hour, for every single student to be verified from every supposed clinic site in Indiana.

What school? Where in Indiana? That is for you Showgirl Cadettes to find out. If I tell that I might as well take all the credit.

There’s a story for a wannabe reporter. Jump on it. I just threw you a bone. Indiana is a big state get your snoop gear and I want to hear the entire story busted wide open! Hurry before someone shows up to make me tell who, what, when. Now that it has been printed anything could happen. Depending how hungry or lazy the man eaters are.

That is why I am a writer and not a nurse. Corruption. Corporate Money Fetishes. There is no room for such foolishness in health care. The list goes on. I don’t hear any news about that. Let’s hear it. I dare ya!

I think they should send an angry woman with a health department badge to check into. There is nothing scarier than an angry woman with a badge after a bad guy.

So, Mister Donald Trump, everyone thinks that they deserve a show because everyone has a story to tell that they hear is not getting told.

Who can tell it the best?

Mystery Mika is thinking Contest.

Put away the hair spray ladies or I’m going to take care of it myself.

You heard it here first.

This post is the perfect example of mixing unrelated categories together. David Letterman, Conan, Jay Leno and the View do it everyday. I finally had my turn with some fresh news that hasn’t been printed anywhere as of yet.

Yeah me.



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