Flippidy Flop Feminism

13 09 2007


Riddle me this Bat Girl…If Standing water breeds mosquitoes then what kind of toes does standing women bred?

ahhh, I guess that depends on what country you are living in, and if can get arrested for letting too much ankle or hair show.

On the Today Show Matt was in Tehran, Iran- speaking to women attempting to go beyond the veil.

Anything sexy is a no no.

wearing too much make up- boy did those gals draw on the eye brows, EDGY

This is worth pointing out because in America, some feminist believe that women who wear less clothing and more make up to become alluring to men are going backward in the feminist movement.

Women who are bullied by their government/culture/religion to behave, dress in a way designed by the men in that government find a way to express themselves.

Women are by nature beautiful and attractive.

Hide our breast. Drape our asses. Different body parts are focused on.

On the streets of Tehran there are bandages from nose jobs galore. Women were packed into a plastic surgeon’s office, waiting to make an improvement on their nose.

One woman says, ‘our nose is about the only thing we can show so it must be prefect!’


(I have a black girl nose and I’m keeping it)

‘If they tell us to wear white, we wear black…’ another young woman who is interviewed strikes.

A female university professor comments that strides are being taken to improve women’s rights in Tehran.

Men are allowed several wives but adultery is punishable by death. A woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s in court.

Makes me feel like a spoiled brat. How bout you?

In the face of inequality people strive to balance the scales, risking criticism to be heard.

Matt Lauer was very gracious toward the female professor. He said that it was very difficult to find someone to come on the show and talk about womens rights in Tehran.

I t would be nice if the Showgirl Cadettes could learn to value their freedom by understanding the hardships of other women living under such restrictive laws.



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