Hush Money

15 09 2007


Ever wonder why working women seem to hate their tricks? I got a call on my 900 number this morning from a dumbfounded guy.

Mystery Mika says Remember the movie Hustle and Flow?

You may read the full interview by Rebecca Murray with Terrence Howard. He comments about his 2 1/2 year research for the role as the pimp ‘ DJay’. Do some homework Cadettes at

For those of you who are late or not hip to America,Terrence Howard plays a pimp with a heart. In the movie his character evolves by focusing his creative energy. Unhappy with his sleazy job description, we watch him unleash through music. By the end of the film, we have a changed man. His women are still with him but they have a changed little bit too.

Attempting to rap about something that he knows about “DJay” comes up with this hook line: “Whoop that Trick!” The beat is grating and furious.

Where does the contempt for the ‘John’ come from?

Well for starters as much as they may try not to, a person looking to trick off walks, sits and talks as if they are at the bottom of the feeding chain. It doesn’t matter how much money there is attached to your real name or how big and fancy your house is- you have the look of shame. Someone looking to make some hush money can see the dark, helpless, thirst of needing to ‘get off’ creeping through your every vein.

Anytime you got a situation like this, you have two people holding cards with power. It is possible to get the deed over with a quick exchange but the fact remains that love and attraction had nothing to do with it.

The ‘trick’ is taking a shortcut. It is tough to gain the privilege to squeeze through the neighbor’s fence without making friends with them first.

People need to work a little for love. Learn to communicate, listen, cook, clean become attractive. In order to find a lover you must have a open heart and willingness to share your inner self honestly.

Tricks are often selfish and lazy or rather spend their time doing other things. They want to hit it and forget it. Often people don’t have sex for love. It seems to be a physical exercise that is just as matter of fact as going to the bathroom or gym. I’ve heard getting off compared to fueling up, like a race track pit stop.

Hush, don’t complain, don’t ask me to be fair, you don’t need to know my name, don’t make me do the laundry, don’t make me consider the kids or rub your feet.

How much will it cost to forget that you saw me?

Hush, I’m sure you could use some extra cash.

The really bad thing is that wives are pushed into the same behavior by husbands that control all the cash of the household.

Married women live all their lives walking on egg shells all day long because they don’t want to make any waves by bringing up issues that might cause an argument with their husbands. Many women are trapped in relationships and marriages that don’t offer them any nurturing because they are silenced by fear. Wives that can’t earn money in the job force are at their husbands mercy!

Yeah, with an attitude like that there will be contempt even if the woman is poor, and uneducated… She still may possess the common sense to realize that she is missing something.



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