Georgia on My Mind

16 09 2007

Holla it cost $350 and about 2 days to get a license in Atlanta to dance.

A friend is up from the peachy state. Mystery Mika got a chance to ask her how it all works in bootilious heaven.

Tammy: If you quit a club, you need to pay another $350 to get another license work in another club

Mystery Mika: That sounds steep. You really need to be sure about a place before you stick you boobs out.

Tammy: When you go to get the license, they run your name Nation Wide. You can’t get a license if you have a felony… unless it is at least 10 years old and then it depends what the conviction was for.

Mystery Mika: Is there a lot of booty clapping in the clubs?

Tammy: In the Black clubs, the Ladies work it hard.

Mystery Mika: I probably would stick out like a sore thumb… I just did learn how to do the Cupid Shuffle.

Tammy: That songs nearly played out.

Mystery Mika: What about Naughty Nurses, did you see any of them

Tammy: You’re still ahead of the game in that category!



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