Before She Was Famous

17 09 2007

Everyone wants to represent like a Stripper these days. This time it is Nicole Kidman in a cheap catalog looking bra on the cover of the October 2007,Vanity Fair. What was she thinking?

The picture is all over the supermarket check out line- looking a hot mess.

I’ve seen plenty of saucy photographs of Kidman. I know she has more to offer than that doe caught in the headlights stare.

Wait a minute, if Nikki was going after the next top model with that pic, she would be quickly overshadowed by girls who want to be seen. Tyra would get a crook from snapping her neck: NO, come stronger or Go home!

Some people should just glue their clothes on. Stripping ain’t for everybody!

Girls hoping for a big break and money to free themselves would send that sort of competition packing. What is show business coming to?

Wait, I’m not finished.

Furthermore,If Nikki was at the strip club as blank, innocent and lost as on the cover of Vanity Fair, she would become instant ‘new girl prey’.

Every bad guy in the joint would have an attitude of superiority toward her or a moralized cocktail for her to suck on. Weakness attracts the bad guy.

Pity. Pity on You Nicole Kidman for taking a step backward. You look as if this picture was taken before you were famous.

Half naked and lost looking broads are an insult to real erotic entertainers who have a reason to strip.

Strip to have fun. Strip to make money. Strip to have extra time to work on your art. Strip because you are a bad ass. Strip to pay for a home health care nurse to keep your grannie out of the nursing home. Strip to buy organic food… but don’t strip because you are famous and can’t think of anything else to do.

I’m not finished.

I haven’t ranted about the costume. It could have been cute if her eyes didn’t go dead the minute the anchor pooped off…


It is war time. Soldiers are putting themselves in harms way everyday. If you are going to don a military uniform- Shout it out! Come heavy. Give them something to pin up! Looks to me like she was dummied up and pushed into the Sailor Gimmick without much research.

Nikkie didn’t seem to understand exactly why she was in a Sailor Suit. If Putting it on didn’t mean anything then taking it off is going to mean less. It is all over her face.

Mystery Mika Showgirl Hint: Understand the costume, time period of the design that you are modeling. Audiences are going to attach the current events to the image that you present. Duh.

She doesn’t look like she having any FUN! She wasn’t sending any love out to our boys at war in the sea.

So I’m left thinking she didn’t really want to do it.

Why do this celebrities keep letting their people convince them that Stripping is the new IN thing?

We strippers are trying to make the most of what we get to start out with, which in most cases, ain’t much.

Give me a damn sailor suit, I’d sock it with nothing less than a fabulous bra.



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