Can an Old Schooler Survive The Erotic Craigslist?

19 09 2007

Dear Diary,

I’m up all night looking at dirty pictures. WHEW. I got horrified at first (silly me, I thought everyone was serious) started in Chicago, then clicked over to Portland, from there I went to Vegas…. ended in Minneapolis/St. Paul-I think… girls are running through my mind in tiger suits so fast it hard to keep it straight.

Over all it is outrageous, I know that they are trying to be hot but they are very sound frightening- SCARY to me but then I’m a fish..The faces scratched out scare me. Going to Greek oooooooooooooooooch! Sounds like a bargain. They are requesting 200 for full service and 225 for a trip to Greece. Meaning for an extra 25 bucks, the back door open?! Huh?

There are tons of ads promising the Girlfriend Experience. (GFE). The word on the street is that that now means bareback. That is what I’ve been told. If it is true then they need to change the term to Wife Experience. These young ladies today are thirsty and fearless!

I noticed some repeats of picture, formats over lapping so I checked to see what was happening in Jackson Mississippi. WOW. Poor Mississippi. More than a week’s worth of ads fit on one page. Not that much need for work in the Dirty South.

For gags people want me to write about everything. So many guys want to know what I think about Craigslist Erotic Services. This is the post that I didn’t really want to write but felt like my readers wanted to know.

On September 15th I tried posting an ad on Craigslist for my Showgirls’ School in the mist of all those pooder hole air shows. Within 4 hours I was flagged and removed. Guess it had something to do with my win $100 Batty 4 Bats Contest.

After reading the Forum for people who have been kicked off of craigslist, I see that they do not allow Contests. UHHHHHHHh. The post was getting hits for the ad- Oh Diary, I’m so sad.

Now look at me, it is almost 3 am and instead of working on my post: What the hell is a titty? I’m whining about getting kicked off of craigslist.

The truth Diary is that I know I’m fighting a useless battle. Everyone just wants sex. Sex is the new in thing. At almost 4am-Now… I realize after grazing those ads that no one wants to be entertaining, they just want to bend over as many times as possible and get paid.

Sorry there was one girl in Portland that looked as if she had pasted her entire myspace page to create her ad. Her mistake was that she was advertising that she was alone.

Why would you want someone that you never met, to think that you were showing up alone and that no one was going to know that you were meeting them? At least give the illusion of some backup.

HELLO do these girls have brains.

The ones that have read my posts are probably laughing at me for being such a nervous nelly.
Whatever. Maybe I should write about HOPE… just concentrate on My Breast Book for awhile.

So expect my Blog to be about titty care for a few days until the things that I read offered on craigslist erotic services to where off.

I can’t even type right.

I’m going to bed. The answer is NO, I can’t light a candle to those brats.

I only have 2 eyes, in order to comment all uff My mind is blown and where my thoughts have landed is unclear

The new generation of girls out here trying to make money are fisting bears.



One response

26 09 2007

To be honest Craiglist often confuses the issue. I want entertainment but I also want booty. I read where more often than not men have been taken advantage of and the service wasn’t all that. But I should of known because of my experience. I emailed a young lady and because I was able to put a sentence together she assumed that I was a cop. I’ve often said to Mika that pussy is a commodity and because of the flood in the market it has become cheaper. How ever the service is beginning to correct the market.

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