Shuffle Cupid

20 09 2007

Poor Obama. I know how it is being told that you are acting white. It happens to me every time I try to learn a new street dance. The other ladies pick up the rhythm right away and are able to break the moves down soooooo smooth. I on the other hand, need to watch over and over again- often practicing in my sleep.

Barack listen to Momma Mika, what you need to do is this- the next time you are in Chicago, hit the west side. Just jump right in there like I did. Open up a head quarters right alongside the park.

Maybe you can throw on some sagging pants and wash a few cars in the street until 4 am.

You studied Law right? Offer some council to my neighbor who just loves to get started in the morning by yanking his baby’s momma’s micro braids out.

She is always sitting on the front porch with her face swollen and red eyes streaming silent tears. Maybe you can walk her into a shelter. I’m still trying to slip her a little note- listing the shelters.

That brother that slaps her around, could really benefit from having you on the scene. You would calm things down.

I could see it now- Mrs. Obama leading the Cupid Shuffle down Kedzie Ave.

Maybe then Jessie Jackson would be satisfied with you and consider you black enough.

I know living on the wild wild west side of Chicago has made my African American associates take me more seriously.

Get in there Barack, Oprah is cool for the Hollywood part but when you are ready to blow some hood steam- holla at me. The 900 s the best.

Spread the love, I’ll be waiting.

We got a brand new style yall.



One response

26 09 2007

How can Mr. Jackson say anything, we all know that he is in it for the money. Isn’t that acting white, or is that acting American. Barack keep up the good work. You have my support, although I wouldn’t mind being Hillary’s, Monica L. Bill probably aint hit it since the scandle, and that would not be a bad way to get my money right.

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