Mystery Mika Dropped in the Ghetto #2: Letter to Abuser

23 09 2007

Dear Abusive Brother

Obama is not available, so I prayed to Mother Theresa to pay you a visit in your dreams. If you are bold enough to whip a woman in front of me, then I am bold enough to tell you what I think of it.

Your handiwork is ugly and the screams demean all of the women living near the scene.

Perhaps,You are too far gone to catch a glimpse of your shadow as an old man

Allow a small framed Afro Indian to paint you a little picture of what seems to be your fate

You are cooking heartache.

Heartache is pain, hopelessness, destruction, emptiness, FEAR and hate.

Children have a heart of opportunity until someone who they trust and depend on makes them loose it.

Helplessness streaks the faces of your small boys as they watch you drag their mother begging by her hair. If you punch and drag her in broad daylight (in front of everyone) then I can only imagine how you treat her in the bedroom.

A child’s world and future begins to unfold in the home- what they believe and how they treat others.

Who will take care of you when you are an old man if all you have taught them is to be afraid and Violent?

Our community needs strong men with hearts of gold, Wisdom Warriors… Men who put value in educating themselves and their children before anything especially their EGO.

Abusive Men should to seek help. If you are angry today call for professional help NOW.

I am crying inside every time I see the sagging hopelessness, confusion and despair mask the face of your two young boys.

They worry because they love their mother and they are forced to watch you beat her.

Well I say No. I am not going to be Silent. Standing by and watching as you beat her is if you are slapping me as well. You are attempting to teach my children that your way is the right way to treat women.

A copy of this letter is being handed out at every church on the West Side of Chicago as well as to the Abuser and the Police department that answers the 911 phone calls.

I urge every Pastor and Father that Loves their Family and Congregation to Share it as part of their service today.

May God help us end the Violence. May a community bond together with Love encourage Men who need help with their anger issues to seek help. In order for the Violence on our streets to Stop… Domestic Violence Must End.



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24 09 2007

fantastic ! nello

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