Andre the Giant has a Posse

26 09 2007

Hi, It’s me Mika and I am still on this domestic violence campaign/ kick. The campaign is in response to an incident that occurred on the curb outside my house around noon on Wednesday, September 12th, 2007.

I would rather be mud wrestling Diablo Cody

It is Day 3 of the circulation of my anonymous Hood Memo to an Abusive Brother. This is so scary. I just want the edginess and tension to burn off. I would like to go back to being who I was b4 I saw the neighbor dragging and punching his girlfriend in front of her kids.

My life will never the same but I will only consider myself successful if his life isn’t the same after this week.

I would rather be eating cupcakes

Now I must act like a hummingbird. Each person who receives the Letter is instructed to post it, translate it into another language or otherwise share it- if you can’t see anyway to improve it just leave it as is and pass, pass, pass it on.

I started on Sunday by going to 30 churches. Yesterday I went around to my friends in Humboldt Park. I stopped by Chicago Public radio as well and gave many High School students a copy of the letter.

I asked the young ladies to send it as part of their emails.

Today I went to barber shops, car washes and many street corners and handed out copies of the letter. To date I’ve gone through about 120 copies.

Over the course of the 3 days the letter has changed. It is now printed in black ink on pastel blue paper. Blue is for Boy right? It took some calling around but, I finally found an organization that counsels Men who are domestic abusers. The counseling phone number has been added to the Letter to An Abusive Brother

The only way to keep my teeth from chattering is to fantasize about cool stickers that say Mystery Mika has a Posse. It is probably really wrong to use a naughty self portrait- or is it? I’m still me. It is okay to be me but it is not okay to be him.

At the end of the day, I am afraid to come home fearing that my abusive neighbor has gotten the HOOD Memo and recognizes the portrait of himself. I’ve decided for safety reasons to make My block the last block in the city that will be covered with the Blue Letters
Even though he may expect that I am watching him- he could never expect something of this magnitude to be stirring around him- about him and his uncontrolled rage. Everyday I am comforted by him. He is always measuring my steps. So I had to do something.

Mystery Mika has a Posse.

A special shout out to Dan’s Breakfast Club- without you guys, I would not be able to do any of this! You Men Rock and I love You.

Sometimes when I see her she is just sitting on the porch staring off into a daze. She avoids looking at me if he is sitting close by. Other times when she alone she is sobbing silent tears. The next time I’m going to hug her.

How many of you reading this know of a person that this is happening to? On Sunday I meant a High School Principal who told me that young boys are beating up their girlfriends very frequently inside of her School. Why is this so widespread? Are you willing to do something?

Find out where men can get help in your area. Copy the letter and start passing it around.

I am desperate for the Violence to stop- people are always complaining about the war in Iraq. How about doing something to end the battles on our streets and in our homes!

Threats take many forms

#1. The guy is always sitting on the front stoop with his friends who are wearing band-aids in various places. I need to pass his crowd whenever I enter my apartment. He seems to know that I have something up my sleeve.

2. Lately I have made attempts to slip the young lady a tiny slip of paper that has the phone numbers of shelters that she can go to but he is always watching- even when he is sitting on the next door neighbor’s porch- he is watching… if I get too close to her, he comes into range and he stands and watches us.

3. Last night I did something very bold- it was instinct, I didn’t think long about it I just decided to say more than two words to her. From across the street as I walked my dogs past where she was sitting on the porch I shouted: Girl llllllllllll! How you doing? You know, I’ve been thinking about you allllllllllllllll night!

She responded with a shy smile. For the first time since I meant her she looked barely 21. She swung her legs with excitement as if to say: Finally somebody cares.

We are so different, I am twice age but she usually looks hallow. The whites of her eyes are always muddy from the heat that bottled up when your spirit is in hiding.

Let’s end this. I’m going to bed it is 2:39 am.

When I wake up I’m going to eat blue cupcakes and write to Diablo on her blog asking her if she would like to mud wrestle.

Good Night.



One response

26 09 2007

You are relentless and I give you props for this. Men who abuse women are sick. How could I abuse and torment the symbol of God’s love(Women). Do you understand that when God loved me as a man he created women to show how much. I have one thing to say to all those women that are being abused, “leave while you can”. To the guys, “Just stop”. Mika, continue on your path to righteousness in this area.

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