Ahoy there Wanna be Strippers, Strippers and occassional Excorts!

27 09 2007

Hi ths is Mika’s Showgirl School a place to learn why men love strippers!

Well not exactly, this blog is a place to learn about sexuality, human nature, current events and celebrities as they pertain to women in our American culture. I talk about wives and girlfriends vs. strippers and give homework.

Currently we are just kicking off the Fall Semester and are in the middle of Domestic Violence week.

It looks like we are going to have a spectacular course.

So pull up a fire pole and shine up your stilettos. This is no ordinary School and I no boring teacher.

However I am very serious about Homework- if you want to learn how to sell SEXY and not SEX the this is the Online Stripper School for you.

Please donate $3 a month to keep me in a good mood. I operate on the honor system. If you find that my information helps you remember that what comes around goes around in the tip business. So Tip mama Mika by going to my donation/ support button at the top of the Home page.

It will be a long weekend for me- updating my tags for all of my Post- it seems that since the guys at WordPress fixed the Tag/ Category mix up…. people searching for me have been left floating at sea once reaching wordpress.

Oh AHOY, It’s me Mika and this is a Showgirl School a place to learn how to keep your sanity while being naked.



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