Natural Stripper boobs

30 09 2007

Boobs are a big part of stripping- don’t let anyone tell you different. Men love big natural boobs more than anything. If you have have small natural boobs then you may get away with it if they are perky and you have the small frame to match.

I’ve been on all over the map on this one.

Men are constantly asking me if I got a boob job.

I always come up with something smart to say.

If I did get a boob job, I would want to pretend that they were natural while I was working. If my boobs weren’t real it would bum me out to have to keep telling people that they were fake and give all the stats. So tacky.

Asking a woman if her boobies are real is worse than asking her about her age. The odd thing about this behavior is that if a erotic entertainer spent 4- 6 grand on a pair of boobs to aid the customers ‘s fantasy- then why attempt to bust her out by asking how the trick works.

So I don’t feel bad for leaving them speechless when I’m asked about my boobs

Here a couple of my wise crack responses to: are those real?

1. Only if you like real hot chocolate.

2. No, they aren’t real- they are some-body’s dinner.

3. Where the shot glass- it’s two for one Mika

4. I’m a feeder, they are on loan.
5. I also have lipstick to draw a red circle around your eye. It would be fun to use you are target practice.

6. I can out squirt you any day.

7. I got gallons and it streams out of 5 different holes.

What I say, tell me what I say right now. You want to know right Now?

What’s that one more time.


8. Baby it taste so good, sweet like honey, the only thing that I got that looks completely white and creamy and goes with wonder bread toast.

9. If I shake my things, we are going to need a mop

10. damn straight, they are really working.

And No you can’t touch the nipple. Dirty Boy.

The worse thing about milky breast is that it is difficult to keep them producing at the same speed – babies always prefer one to the other which means one is going to be obviously larger as your shift progresses. After 5 hours I’m lopsided.

This is a problem if you are trying to dance nude. You look more like a side show than a main show.

Some guy tried to tell me about a gal that he knew who got implants 2 different sizes trying to look more natural. I find that hard to believe.

Some clubs, like the Admiral here in Chicago require that women cover up their nipple. Most women cover with flesh tone latex. I’m allergic to latex so I could never do that.

Beside nothing would stick once I started leaking.



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