Blurr your Mind without Spending a Dime

2 10 2007

Mystery Mika seeks a mature Posse to enjoy her sexy,  informative, Blog …. I  have a fetish  for naughty nurses… B4  you  post  it  show  ME!

I sound like a dirty old man, don’t? Some ladies like old men- I know that I went through my faze of looking for a Sugar Daddy. uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Never could find one that could pay what he weighed. (off color- joke 🙂
Nanh … Ladies popping into my Class on Stripping- I’m a Woman and I’m seeking a few Stand up Girls to Read My Blog everyday.

Start your day of banging for the buck by reading something from a VET



One response

4 10 2007
Valley Girl

I’m game! Count me in!

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