Flagged as Mature Mystery Mika is Mature

2 10 2007

well somebody couldn’t take the heat, language, topics and after all this time marked the Showgirl School as Mature… I’m going to take down my blog stats so I don’t need to watch the numbers go down… there is a responsible way of talking about sexuality without sounding so clinical.

I think that I got flagged for talking much better than a rapper on a serious note

Well I guess the uninformed girls are just going to keep popping up in the clubs- plump for becoming victimized because they are clueless. There is no voice allowed to tell them what’s what.
I bet it was that damn eros.com post: Who gets the Nut!

Oh well just another hurdle… to learn how to advertise myself without being on the global category list

Mystery Mika Showgirl School is for Mature Audiences

Mystery Mika is for women who love their breast

Mystery Mika is for women who want to become exotic dancers

Mystery Mika is for people who care about ending domestic violence

Mystery Mika is for women with daughters

Mystery Mika is for women who want to get married

Mystery Mika is for men who go to strip bars

Mystery Mika is about Our Culture

Mystery is about how the abuser operates

The list goes on but, you will never see any of it listed on the global category list

because these topics and the way I talk about it is flagged as Mature

I guess that I am lucky that I didn’t get shut down for not being what anybody expects

some like it raw and I’m not nasty enough

others want this to sound lofty like a dissertation on Sexuality

whatever… the Show must go on!

Well as folks are sitting back complaining and arguing over how bad it is

I’m going to be off my ass doing something about it

Shake Shake Shake

Shake your booty, shake shake the system, shake shake the tree of knowledge and the right to be informed

Shake Shake Shake.



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