Hard Headed No Where

2 10 2007

We can add Britney Spears to the list of Rebels without a Cause. The more I listen to the news about her- the more I feel like I’ve worked alongside of her in some club across America.

I just heard that she has been driving her kids around without a license.

WHY? That is what it is all about… people just gone HOG wild…

One anchorman asks if she is going through some delayed adolescence or if she understands the gravity of the situation of losing her kids.

Maybe she doesn’t want them. The daily, rigorous responsibility is too much.

Like most self centered people she would rather be shopping than listening to demands of toddlers.

Learning to cope with real life, real people, real problems and complicated situations won’t be found in the pages of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.

What get’s my Goat is that in this Country Men are eligible for the draft at 18. How does our society or High Schools prepare them for War?

Teachers aren’t even allowed to prepare adolescents for hormones and sexuality let alone real war which is real scary.

During last week’s Domestic Violence Campaign of passing out my Letters to An Abusive Brother, a High School Principal that I met said that she has noticed that boys are reaching new levels with violence toward their supposed girlfriends. She said that she has had to pull many boys off of girls. Boys have been choking, slapping young girls etc.

Why is this happening? Ask any Principal what the stats are in their School.

I’ve noticed a different attitude among young girls who start working in clubs too.

It seems to be a fad- getting their asses beat and being reckless beyond reason.

So Mystery Mika is addressing it.

Everyone is so shocked when a celebrity like Britney acts this way because it is public- truth is all the ladies her age are jumping on the parade of really being goofy

It isn’t an Act.

The old schoolers were pretending at Showtime after we got paid we put on all our clothing and curled up with a good book.

These young girls are trying to live the rock style and are heading no where



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