Crossing the Line

4 10 2007

Mystery Mika welcomes all the Special Valley Girls who recently somehow found me! The Showgirl School is now a needle in a haystack of adult Porn. I will get through this Mature Setting thing.

I deeply apologize if the content found here is not are filthy as you had hope to find. I’ll try to do More of Who Get’s the Nut to at least keep the heat turned up.

It is sorta like the emotions felt after having my first period: I can’t get clean enough, I smell a rat, I wonder if the fact that I bleed it is written on my forehead!

After I get up from a bar-stool I check to see if I left a wet pot.

My customers bought me rounds of tequila rose to celebrate becoming the label MATURE last night and for the first time since my 39th bithday- I have a hangover. I hate drinking.

Now My Sarcoidosis is gone and flared up. My nose is clogged. I would wear black if it weren’t so hot outside. I think I should write a nice Juicy Vampire story for you gals

I feel like I’m trapped in a tomb.

The number the numbers- the numbers got me so excited- The tiny digits felt like fools gold in the end. I’m addicted to blogging, writing, expressing myself

Someone needs to be here to talk to and spank the naughty working girls. I don’t expect the world to change over night but I hope my words of wisdoms sets the sex industry right.

Note from the WISE WOMAN: Always tell someone exactly where you are going and who with- leave as many numbers as possible with that person. Make two calls, one when you go in and one when you are expecting to leave.

I know what happens in the dressing rooms across America and all the big plans to strike it rich! Ha! Listen to Naughty Nurse Mika and live longer and healthier!

Bleeding Strippers are over using Tampons for everything STOP IT, Ladies

The doctor says do not use tampons after childbirth- but stripper chicks just want to do it all their way.

Sick folks don’t want to follow directions either. It is so much pressure even dealing with people who are sick with fever. The water always need to be forced down. Why?

I’m working as a naughty nurse because the hospital was full of sick people and had the wrong smell.

Anyway, I know why so many girls get infections- they use tampons for everything- any amount a moisture or BO they plug it… I’ve seen girls plugging themselves because they just had a baby and the want to come back to work right away-

Naughty Nurse Mika says STOP it!

Tampons are not safe for all that bleeds- listen to your doctor- you are setting yourself up for infections!



One response

5 10 2007
Valley Girl

Ew! And that is why (egad!) I don’t use tampons. My friend died from Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Thanks for the shout-out!!!

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