Dark and Lovely

7 10 2007

Panty fetish? Keep reading sniffer slave!

Momma Mika is recovering from a long day and night of passing out those Letter’s to an Abusive Brother. At least 100 went out yesterday. Now I need to follow up on my G rated blog that I created to keep the domestic violence campaign in full swing.

Imagine what my panties must feel like- after all that darting around in early October Summer Heat…

The air is moist enough for magnolias to grow. I had tree sap all over my car. Everything juicy is sweeping.

I gotta go to the club today and make up for all the money I missed by not working a Saturday afternoon.

I need to wash all my panties for work. I need to sew the yellow ribbon back onto my full bottom bikini cut shear panties

My house looks like a tornado hit it. I pulled everything off of my card table to use it at the art show and now everything is on the floor- got to pick it all up and stick it someplace before the whole house wakes up.

I know that the thread is here somewhere…

My booth went well at the neighbor art walk. Most people were selling crafts, I had what you call a information booth.

People seemed very interested- a few people are traveling soon and promised to take the letter with them out of state. What started out as a week on Domestic Violence, has gained a life of its’ own.


I love hearing from you dolls with cute white panties out there- your comments help make up for the drop in hits per day. Please feel free to introduce yourselves. I am also very touched when I see your posts that link our blogs together.

Can you believe that I don’t know how to do that? I am a Vampire and I do live in a Vault. I’ve been away so very long.

Never let your job suck you in so far that you don’t keep up with the world around you. We all know people who are pretty much handicapped outside of their careers. Strippers are not allowed that tunnel vision.

Many of us make up stories to our family and friends about what we do for a living. Believe or not, many dancers make up stories to customers about why they are working/ stripping and pretend that they are in school during the day.

After a bit of time in one spot, the lying dancer needs to move to another club because all her customers and friends are onto her.

You don’t need to tell strangers your whole life story or give exact names of your school. You can be honest without sharing personal information that will make you unsafe.

Everyone needs some type of outlet for their soul. Everyone needs a friend that they can trust to tell what is going on inside their heart. Otherwise you go crazy trying to keep up with all the lies.

I bet lying strippers panties don’t smell as sweet.

Aside from that, what will your reality be if no one knows where you are at in your mind due to the experiences that you have had.

Identity is both what you do and what you are known for doing

If you don’t have anyone or any way of sharing where you have been then your reality may become emptiness.

Some girls attempt to be shady like that with their parents and never have a heart to heart talk. Those are the same ladies that end up in the club as sitting ducks.

Stripping is about Sex Appeal and Sexual Identity.

In the real world, Men often say non related things when they are trying to weigh their chances of scoring with you.

In the real world certain things are clues that a guy is attempting to get with you.

The well polished Stripper is able to communicate sex appeal and sexual identity with her audience by gesture, costume, conversation and body language.

Ladies who can not do this end up with customers who are not looking for entertainment inside the club but dates for outside the club. Ladies who are really really bad at it get stuck with the sour left overs for customers.

Like attracts Like even in stripping

Have at it Cadettes!

Please don’t forget your journal writing- the bloggers are writing everyday of course! If you are just joining us tighten up yo panties and catch up

Here are some fun ways to start your journals ladies:

1. My first pair of thigh high boots were worn so long that they lost the ability to stay up by themselves. Instead of buying of stiff new ones, I tied them in many loops with a rope of colorful panties.

2. I’ve lost my innocence but not hope… I am a wonder woman constantly growing and changing

well I need to go be a real mom and clean up this house.

I need shelving. I need more closets. Wouldn’t it be fun if Martha Stewart could send me her team.

Mystery Mika has a Posse… it is you!

I love you all thanks for reading.

morning kisses my sweets!



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