Mika’s Wish List

10 10 2007

1. to provide a sleek fun stripper school

2. maintain my weight ( I easily become underweight- hate me some more because I am one of the few people who have a difficult time getting a lamb chop to stick!)

3. cocktails with the big boys like the guys who know how to drive web traffic

4. potty train my cock a poo to stop peeing on the head of my other mutt

5. get my brAKE LIGHT fixed before Stone Park finest throws me in the slammer for driving while sleepy, and no brake light.

6. to always remember to get my driver’s license back from the bartender after work- the bar holds on to our id while we are working…

7. more traffic

8. more comments

9. equal size boobs

10. the tree sap off of my car!



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