10 Reasons NOT to Become a Stripper

11 10 2007

1. Housewives will become suspicious of you

2. other people husbands will ask where you are performing

3. it will be assumed that you are  some sort of survivor of incest

4. people will doubt your parenting skills

5. it will be assumed that you have no understanding of a hard days work

6. you will be treated as if you have not finished or considered college

7. you may be asked to be interviewed as a undocumented sex worker

8. people will laugh when you say you file taxes

9. you won’t e able to wear your work bikinis on the beach because they won’t cover enough or will be ruined if gotten wet

10. you won’t want to wear make up on real dates



2 responses

12 10 2007

Ya Know….I have just signed up my sister in law and myself to take stripping classes during the Christmas holidays. Should be a blast! Being considered a porn queen myself, I am all about women doing what they want and screw the world. Go for it girl!!~~Dee

16 10 2007

I don’t mind people thinking I’m a bag of rocks (it’s kind of true anyway) What I hate is people thinking I’m a drug user. I am not a crack head,pill head or any other kind of head!
I got along life to be a mommy,or a waitress or work in an office. Right now I’m having a riot,showing off,and just enjoying life.

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