The 11th Hour

12 10 2007

Strippers live in two worlds. Most of us are very paranoid and constantly check our review mirrors. If too many things go wrong in one day we normal call it quits and return to our lair.

I’m not co-dependent but I like to know that people are going to get active if I don’t check in. I believe in safety in numbers.

I like pillowing my cheek on a solid man. Bouncers, I love bouncers and body guards!

When I worked at Scores as a naughty nurse- I tried to let my bouncers know how grateful I was for having their service. One of the biggest failures from my dating past is being on a date with a boyfriend who didn’t look out for me as well as I am accustomed to being taken care of by a body guard.

Now I know regular women don’t think like this

Even during the daytime I am cautious because I can feel what men on the street are thinking… I’ve trained my senses for it. It is necessary to have such a sixth sense in a room full of people and loud music… otherwise you don’t know who to approach for a dance or who to stay away from…

ahh 11:59



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