Welcome Around the Coyote Art Lovers

12 10 2007

This is Mika’s Showgirl School. We are a different bred of Strippers. One of my goals here is to openly talk about the pros and cons of being an exotic entertainer. Sometimes I am catty and have some fun bashing the explicit sex ads on craigslist.com – other times I suggest a book to read.

This ‘semester’ we are reading Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book by Susan M. Love, M.D. with Karen Lindsay.

For ages artist have drawn upon the female figure to captivate art lovers. The faces of these nudes are often missing or blurred. The woman who posses nude or entertains in the nude has been frowned upon in polite company.
Art has been categorized by many descriptions. High Art vs. Low Art. Trained artist vs. self taught artist. Craft artist vs. folk artist. Male artist vs. female artist.

All artist bring their life experience and enthusiasm to their chosen medium.

Mika’s Showgirl School is the result of a woman who is a trained nurse technician, performance artist, mother, and writer that has developed an adult entertainer.

For me, Pure art is a reflection of society. Today our society exhibits a provocative adult industry and racy, hip hop culture.

This Showgirl School is the only of its kind that attempts to reach many audiences coming together in the same place for different reasons.

This is the age of Girls Gone Wild. Many of my blog hits come from people who are googling: how to make money as a stripper. It is possible to learn how to do pole tricks from a video. I challenge my readers to decide what they are performing on the pole and to think about the time and place of their performance.

I start thinking about my portraits focusing mostly on their eyes of the entertainers. Most of the women that I paint are my friends. They like having the black and white photographs taken. They pay for the tasteful portraits of their working selves. In most cases I am never told my model’s real name. I always sign their pictures with my real name- just in case I make it big!

At the club Mika is preachy, hard working but fragile. Ladies don’t smoke in the dressing room when I am present and tolerate my suggestions in terms of their shows.

I hate short cuts in performance. A fist full of dollars will only feel good at the end of the night if you have not compromised yourself. I challenge my readers to think about that.

If I were to be reading the prose posted here for a live show the ads would attract the curious, couples, wannabe strippers, angry feminist, the police, comedians searching for material and women looking to improve their hustle. I like it this way.

My style of adult entertaining is intended for fun and works to build the entertainer’s presence as an attractive adult entertainer. I truly believe that any woman who wants to become a stripper can learn to do so without ending up a prostitute.

Men love half naked women and that will never change. By learning the art of burlesque and techniques of improvisation money can still be made.

My language is bar room bawdy and trampy. In other words, I talk like a man having a good time with the fellas.

Women become adult entertainers for many reasons that have nothing to do with theater. Many dancers have no desire to learn anything. They just want the quick buck and are willing to do just about anything to get it.

I don’t paint pictures of those ladies.

I encourage women to make their performances into theater where they sell sexy and not sex.

I believe in forming a stripper union and discussing ways to make the industry and our streets safer for all women and girls.

There is a huge gap in information as far as sex, love, lust, attraction, and hormones are concerned in our society. It is difficult to grow into a mature identity with so much emphasis on making money. Parents still have are uncomfortable talking to their teens about sex.

I firmly believe that if there were more honesty and information- there would be less cases of abuse.

As long as women need money there will be an adult industry.

There should be a manual for women to research before setting one foot on a stage.

A woman should hear stories of failures and success before embarking upon their own journey.

That is what I am writing. Take it or leave it alone. Personally I am tired of seeing 21 year old girls making mistakes by selling themselves short and being lazy.



One response

17 10 2007

there is no room in life for laziness & short cuts. opps I mean And. we have become a community of quick and fast. that is not always satisfing. example: pot roast or beef stew, these our best if they cook for a long time, alot like relationships. the long road is best for endurance. just my 2 cents.

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